Food Sustainability

What happens to 100,000 tonnes of wasted Aussie produce?

It's what's on the inside that counts..

Taste Before Waste

Reducing food waste

Our Service

We can deliver weekly to your door - servicing; Tully Heads to Northern Cairns including the Atherton Tablelands. 

We've just reached Townsville - servicing every 3 weeks. 

Delivering seconds to your door.

Reducing food waste.

Taste Before Waste


When I heard about taste before waste I couldn’t wait to order. I love the whole concept of the ecoganic farming together with reducing waste. The bananas not only taste amazing but are delivered to the door for a great price.


We are on a mission to reduce waste wherever possible, and that includes food waste.
When we heard about Taste Before Waste and what they were doing, we knew it was a business we would love to support.

Alana and Jake deliver bananas that are "not perfect enough" for the supermarkets, but perfect enough for anyone wanting spray free, fresh picked local, delicious and nutritious bananas.

For only $10 they deliver a 13kg box of their delicious seconds bananas to our door.
It's the most amazing deal ever, not only do we get to enjoy their amazing bananas, it also saves imperfect bananas from becoming landfill, something we feel really good about.
Jamie and Anne Ah Gee

Kuranda Urban Farm

These bananas are amazing ! Super tasty & sweet. Fantastic price, environmentally friendly and delivered right to your doorstep. Awesome customer service too. Thank You!