Meet The Grower

Want to know where your food comes from? Well, here's the team that grows your food with a lot of love. 

A big thank you from all our growers for supporting Taste Before Waste. This initiative stops our farmers from having to dump excess food helping to offset losses and reduce environmental impact. 


Oaklands Farming

 Simon Godfrey, Oaklands
Simon is the fourth-generation farmer of the Godfrey Family who have an organic mixed cropping and grazing enterprise at Kairi adjacent to Lake Tinaroo.
The property has fully certified organic status and the crops grown are sweet potatoes and potatoes, maize, hay, grains and legumes.
Simon uses crop rotations, multiple species green cropping and cattle grazing to maintain biological and sustainable balance.


Eco Bananas

Frank & Dianne Sciacca

Frank & Dianne Sciacca are the brains behind the Red Tip Banana. Their Ecoganics farming system uses nil insecticides on the soil and a reduction of fertiliser by more than 60% average industry standard.

Taste Before Waste was  born through a sustainability project which began at Eco Bananas - with the aim to reduce food waste minimise farm losses, and reduce the environmental impact of rotting food. 

This farm also supplies our organic limes & small volumes of red papaya.

To see more check them out on or find them on Facebook at


Locke Investments


Barry & Lyn Locke have been growing bananas for 42 years, planting their first bananas in June of 1977. 

Barry's son Des and wife Ting are the 3rd generation farmers to the Locke family. 

The Locke family were initially in the dairy industry from 1952, hand felling their blocks to built their house and dairy. Nowadays they're farming Red Tip Eco Bananas, and sending their banana seconds straight to you!



Meet the Thao family from their Dragonfruit farm in Innisfail! These dedicated farmers have cultivated bananas for over 30 years and have been growing Pitaya (Dragonfruit) for 6 years. These passionate growers are growing their dragonfruit chemical free - and you can certainly taste it in the fruit, they're beautiful! 


Top Shelf Distributions 

We are a small family business starting up 6 years ago. We have pride in our products and are forever growing our product range.
From the very beginning we got off on the right foot with our caramelised balsamic vinegar and infused olive oils . Stocking local chilli sauces, salts and pepper, we now have our tasty salami range & mayonnaise and smoked cheese.
Looking to contact them direct? You can contact Aron through his Facebook page.